Commissioning & Start Up

Nexus can provide Engineers, Project Managers, Technicians, Certified Materials, Full Logistics and Industry leading documentation to transition your project from construction completion to operations, efficiently and safely in some of the world’s most remote and inhospitable locations. Our team have extensive experience bringing large, complex projects online, handing over reliable and efficient plant equipment. Nexus can integrate with your existing management systems or operate independently with our own sophisticated Construction Commissioning Management Software (CCMS). Our Experienced project and shutdown managers, Engineers and Supervisors can handle individual discipline sub-systems or the entire completions stage of your project.
Let us help you to deliver a quality project on time and on budget.

Plant Optimisation

Aging/Obsolete eqiupment and poor plant design could be costing your business millions. Nexus can provide consultation and engineering services to improve existing processes and infrastructure or implement new process control systems to maximise your plant availability and throughput. We have years of operational experience in production and refining facilities in the Oil & Gas, Mineral Sands, Iron Ore, Gold, Nickel and Marine industries.

Project Management

Nexus can provide any level of project management support from consultation to full EPCM services. Nexus team members have had pivotal roles in successfully pushing large projects to timely completion and in some cases assisting to recover projects from blown out timelines and budgets. From construction to operations, Nexus can manage
– Completions tracking
– All aspects of project management
– Construction Services
– Engineering
– Procurement

Technical Services

Nexus can supply highly skilled technical and support staff to facilitate your requirements. From instrument technicians to controls engineers and everything in between, we have highly skilled and experienced personnel who can help you deliver an exceptional result.